Ready for a test drive?  Start Setting Your Path today.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We set up a no-obligation phone call for 15- 30 minutes to determine if there is a mutual fit.
  2. We set a meeting to learn your goals and current situation. Between the call and the meeting we give you some homework.  We also give you our brochure on Setting the Path, so you know what to expect.
  3. We have the first meeting. It’s complimentary.  At the end of that meeting you agree to pay for a Plan Summary, for which we charge $1,495 or you just go home.
  4. If you hire us for Setting the Path, we conduct a second meeting where we give you a high level summary.
For one low price, you get a full review of your current situation and our recommendations.  Whether you continue with us or not, it’s a valuable second opinion that can help guide your next steps.